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401k Plan Advisory Services

401k Plan Advisory Services

Committed to offering unbiased, personalized guidance regarding your retirement plan

We perform a thorough needs assessment and plan evaluation

To lay the groundwork for your plan, we must first understand your needs. Together with your help, we will develop a custom solution that meets the needs of your company and your employees, rather than offering a cookie-cutter solution. During this initial stage, we examine a variety of factors, including your company, your retirement plan objectives, and the demographics of your employees. Our team will review your current plan’s providers, features, and investment options. We look for opportunities to improve in mission-critical areas such as technology, reporting, fees, performance and ERISA 404(c) compliance.

We take an unbiased approach to plan design and implementation

Starting-up or particularly when converting an existing plan, requires precise coordination and smooth execution. As your financial advisors, we provide advocacy and assistance to you. Our job is to proactively do all we can to help ensure your needs are met and to effectively communicate how employees can benefit by fully participating in the new plan.

We pursue rigorous due diligence to help you create a diversified Investment Menu

Your fiduciary responsibilities include selecting an appropriate range of investment options for your employees. We will help in:

  • Analyzing the investment behavior of your current plan’s participants
  • Diversifying styles within each investment category
  • Analyzing various investment alternatives
  • Reviewing and selecting investment options
  • Frequently evaluating the plan’s investment offerings

We develop a communications strategy to help employees achieve financial goals

A well-constructed communications strategy can help you meet certain 404(c) requirements while encouraging enrollment and helping participants get the most out of your retirement plan. We will customize a strategy that will:

  • Help employees understand the benefits of their plan
  • Educate employees regarding how to develop appropriate asset allocation strategies
  • Seek to maximize employee participation and increase their contributions
  • Offer ongoing education on retirement goal planning


We coordinate and conduct enrollment meetings

The success of your plan hinges upon the level of employee participation. Enrollment meetings provide the opportunity to maximize participation by helping employees understand how they can use the plan to pursue their retirement investing goals.  Wewill lend focus to this effort by coordinating and conducting the enrollment meetings.

We facilitate ongoing plan services

Once up and running, a successful retirement plan will reinforce your commitment to your employees and can help you to attract and retain the best talent. After implementation, we look to remain involved, providing a full range of services to support and expand the benefits of the plan for you and your employees. The ongoing services we provide include:


  • Annual/Bi Annual Benchmarking of Plan pricing
  • Annual Enrollment Meetings
  • Annual Plan Level Reviews and benchmarking
  • Investment Policy Statement Reviews
  • Helping you Monitor Retirement and Benefit Programs
  • Ongoing Plan Sponsor Support

Quarterly / Annual

  • On-Site Investment Seminars and One-on-One Consultation on issues such as:

— Money Management (budgeting, rebt reduction, personal finances)

— College Planning

— Retirement Planning

— Life Stage Planning


  • Weekly Newsletters on Market events, articles of note
  • One on One personal finance conversations with employees


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401k Plan Advisory Services

Maximize the potential of your retirement plan with professional insights, helping employees secure a prosperous future.

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